Within the framework of universal human rights, the judiciary basis of the male-female equality is strengthened everyday. However, providing gender equality in public policies and generalizing gender equality applications in social, political and financial lives has become a necessity rather than a preference in the today’s world. The empowerment of women naturally broadens the framework of the social roles. Providing women, who approximately constitute half of the world’s population, to be equal citizens in all fields of social life is a necessity of the democratic government philosophy. Thus, it is Turkey’s responsibility within the framework of the international agreements it has signed to develop policies for battling gender discrimination, to apply programs and to generalize the idea of gender equality on the basis of raising women’s social status,

Within the framework of this responsibility, as Gazi University Women Studies Research and Application Center, performing academic and social studies for the development of women’s social status, participating in research and education activities, contributing to the increase of social awareness on gender equality, and developing policies and strategies for this purpose are our important objectives.

Within this framework, performing activities in terms of judicial arrangements concerning equality, pioneering or contributing to the preparing and implementing policies and programs aiming to increase women’s education levels, developing suggestions for the improvement of women’s political representation, working on women and family health, contributing to the increase in female employment and strengthening their judicial status and preventing all kinds of violence against women are our priorities.

Developing national and international cooperation within our objectives and priorities, performing activities aiming to strengthen women’s social status with public and private institutions are among the things that should be done to develop university-society cooperation. Developing and contributing to the development of all kinds of approaches solving problems concerning women’s status, working in cooperation with partners to prevent all kinds of discrimination against women are our responsibilities as the Center.



Director of G.Ü. Women Studies Research and Application Center